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We offer a comfortable apartment to rent all year round, close to Durham City and the surrounding attractions.

Its only other significant bit of history was when we lived in it for a year. Our son in law got a job in the North East and rather than separate the family (Susan Brian and two small children) we decided to let them use our house and we moved into the apartment. From this experience we realised fully what equipment etc was necessary. As Anne loves cooking the necessities went well beyond what we had previously provided.

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About our apartment. We can't claim it dates back to Tudor or Georgian times. It started life as a massive garage for a man whose side line was car repairs. When we moved in from number 74 across the road we saw no point in having a garage/workshop. Norman wouldn't be able to identify the business end of a spanner!  We developed it into a play room and study; and then in 1986 we went for a major conversion and it became the present apartment.

"Historic DurHam City"